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The concept of freelancing is relatively easy. When one decides to become a freelancer, they decide that they are going to offer their services to more than one institution or company. This means that if you want to be a freelancer, you must have some marketable skills that are in demand and that you can outsource to other entities. Freelancing is working for yourself and earning for yourself. You are not bound to anybody and you can work anytime, anywhere.shortly, Freelancing is a work model where someone with a certain skill set outsources their knowledge and skills to certain entities on a temporary basis without being employed by the entity permanently.

If there is a question where you can get a guidance to start freelancing from Bangladesh BLACK iz IT Institute is the best choice. Outsourcing in Bangladesh is not a part time work today its a full time profession and BLACK iz IT Institute is the right choice I Bangladesh.

Why Freelancing?

Best thing about freelancing is that due to the nature of jobs that are normally outsourced, a freelancer can work from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. This is why freelancers are also known as remote workers.To work freely and to earn money. Freelancing has very high potential of getting large number of short-term job opportunities and earning money in international currency. You are not bound to physical office or site; can work from anywhere including coffee shop!

Freelancing and outsourcing bdBLACK iz IT Institute introducing freelancing course from anywhere in Bangladesh that you can outsource your skills. The other reason is that a freelance worker is his or her own boss. This eliminates the pressure of working with someone who looks over your shoulder and puts unnecessary pressure on you as you work.

As a freelancer you get to choose the hours that you work in a day. This arrangement means that a freelancer can work for as few or as many hours as they want to. Due to the fact that they can work at whatever time they feel like, freelancers are able to work with clients who are in a different time zone from them.

As freelancer means that you get to choose the amount of money that you are going to be paid. In most of the cases, freelancers choose the projects that they can and would like to work on. Lastly, being a freelancer lets you pursue other things that are not related to the work that you do. Freelancing from Bangladesh or anywhere in the world have the choice of working on two or more things at the same time unlike people with fixed jobs whose hours and workloads cannot let them work on anything outside the jobs that they do.

As a freelancer you get to choose the hours that you work in a day. This arrangement means that a freelancer can work for as few or as many hours as they want to. Due to the fact that they can work at whatever time they feel like, freelancers are able to work with clients who are in a different time zone from them.

Who need Freelancing?

There is no bound of being a freelancer or start freelancing from Bangladesh. Anybody who has basic computer and internet knowledge can start as a freelancer or Outsource their skils in Bangladesh or anywhere from Bangladesh. Thats why BLACK iz IT Institute Starts Their Freelancing course all around Bangladeshi students interested in freelancing of outsourcing. These days, Web Designing and Web Programming has been number one job choice in freelancing world.If you have knowledge on designing and developing websites you are more probable to get great jobs!


Here are some lessons for the Bangladeshi freelancers:

1. Reliability is important. You don’t need to be in touch 24/7, but if the client has e-mailed you a question, you need to answer as soon as you can or ask for more time to be able to provide an answer.Its one oof the important think you should follow on working freelancing or outsourcing in Bangladeshi field.

2. Don’t go missing and then post on Facebook and Twitter about your night out or what you’re currently working on.

Freelancing bangladesh3. As soon as you start going over budget, let the client know. Don’t surprise her with the final bill that’s three times what you discussed.BLACK iz IT Institute will work on this kind of topic in these course.

4. Set deadlines even if the client doesn't because it helps match your client’s expectations to your schedule. Otherwise, when the project scope gets wide and wider, both your client and you are going to hate each other.

5. Late is bad. On time is good. Early is absolutely freaking fantastic.

6. Communicate. “Got your e-mail, will get back to you on this tomorrow,” is far far better than simply replying tomorrow.

7. Understand that when someone hires you for their product brochure or website content or ghostwriting a book, it is the most important thing in the world to them. Your job is to treat it that way. To say, your image is my image and my job is to make you look good. Your job is to make an editor look good in front of her superiors, a website owner to look good in front of her visitors, a company to look good in front of the people that pick up their marketing materials. If you make them feel like you care, they’re more likely to forgive mistakes and much more likely to recommend you to everyone they know for being amazing.

8. After someone has worked with you, they need to feel like they saved time and money, not wasted it.

9. Be a perfectionist. You have no business being a freelancer if you lack attention to detail. That’s what people hire you for.

How to do Freelancing?

Starting freelancing is a careful process. There are thousands of fake and unrealistic freelancing sites and services which can induce you and make you decide wrong!BLACk iz IT Institute provide clear and easy consultation on how to do freelancing on our freelancing course. We wish within in a few years Bangladesh will be one of the leading country in the field of freelancing or outsourcing. Outsourcing In bd will be one of the best choice for the youth in future. Thats why BLACK iz IT Institute working in the field of Freelancing In Bangladesh . You are allayas welcome for any kind of help or support about Outsourcing or freelancing in bd.


BLACK iz IT Institute’s Freelancing Course Details:

Training Course: Freelancing & Outsourcing in Bangladesh
Course Duration: 6-8 weeks
Time: Morning and Day Shift
Venue: Kalabagan Bus Stand, MABS Coaching Centre Building
Number of Participants: Up to 30 per batches.
Registration Fee: 1,000BDT
Course Fee: 4,000BDT
Phone : 01671502396,01717695631
Email :
Website :


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